Giveaway! Because FREE stickers are objectively better than non-free stickers

Everyone knows free stickers are the best. So here’s how you can enter to win some yourself!

But first: A quote —

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.

— Mason Cooley

Doesn’t this have 2020 written alllll over it? Reading has totally been my escape in our upside down world, and at the rate I’ve been eating up audiobooks, I’m losing track of what I’ve actually read.

[That means] 👉 To keep track, I just joined GoodReads!

[How this involves you] 👉 So I’m super curious to hear what you guys are reading!!!

[What on earth this has to do with a giveaway] 👉 I was inspired to make a ⭐NEW⭐ sticker sheet of book-related stuff and THAT’S what I want to give away (with some of my other reading-inspired stickers)! So!


If you’d like to enter for a chance to WIN this lil bundle:


1️⃣ Like this blog post!

2️⃣ Follow said blog!!

3️⃣ Comment with your favorite book this year AND where it took you 📖 [See? That’s how it all connects]

(fyi, mine would be: a tie between
◽ Alaska+ancient Rome in “Dance with the Devil”
◽ the Ichidian Universe in “Born of Fire” … both by Sherrilyn Kenyon)


You can hop on over to Facebook or Instagram and enter there 😜 (each platform will have its own winner, so the more places you enter, the more you increase your chance of winning!)

I’ll randomly pick winners on Friday, Aug. 7!

So yes. That’s my story. And I’m stickin’ to it ❤

[Hah. See what I did there? Story? Stickin’? … I’ll stop now.]

P.S. [Warning] 👉 If you DO happen to check out my GoodReads account (and friend me!!!) I confess I’m rather one-track-minded lately … so many vampire books … so many … So yah, consider yourself warned 😉

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