Why goals aren’t *actually* complicated (and also I’m on YOUTUBE!)

How often do you compare your life to somebody else’s?

Where are you look at somebody (in real life or on the Internet) and wonder,

“How the freaking heck did they get there?”

(( Immediately followed by the unspoken assumption that there’s no way you ever could. ))

It’s like looking at a finished painting and being so intimidated by its sheer awesomeness —

that you forget the only way someone could create such a thing is literally the same way you could:

one line at a time. 

One brushstroke. 

One step. 

One choice. 

All of them piling together to form a finished, complete masterpiece.

Most of us don’t have masterpiece lives. We look at our own lives and we’re like, there’s no way I could ever

[insert lofty goal here]

But you have to start your painting ~somewhere~ no matter what stage of life you’re in.

You have to start.

You have to make one line.

One brushstroke. 

One step. 

One choice. 

And then another.

It’s the same as anybody else. Yes, even those people who seem to have it all together*. Even they had to do it one step at a time.

*belieeeeve me I am not one of them lol

What’s your one brushstroke today? What’s your step?

My next one: I’m starting a YouTube channel! (!!!?)


Yeah, it’s weird. I don’t looooove talking in front of people, and talking in front of a camera is no better. 

But it’s another step.

Another brushstroke toward the vision I have for helping awesome humans like YOU find motivation and me-time in the moments between the multitasking.

Will it be worth it? Will anyone watch it?

I have no idea!

But it’s another line in the picture I’m painting.

Another choice.

What’s yours?

Thanks for reading! I’m Em Varosky, the artist behind EmVaro Designs ⬅⬅⬅ that’s my small business, where I create art to help people (who struggle with the, um, “joys” of adulting) find motivation and “me-time” in the moments between the multitasking 🙂 

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