Who cares about going to the beach? (in April?!)

Yes, I realize it’s April and I live in Massachusetts. It isn’t ~exactly~ beach weather. 

So talking about the beach seems a little premature. But bear with me here.

👇👇👇 Three reasons why we’d even bother going there. (Plus a bonus point, if you stay til the end!)

1. Seize the moment 

Last week (between the snow and the frost advisory), we had a day that was 70° and gorgeous. 

(Welcome to New England.)

As I was running errands, with a to-do list as long as your arm — I happened to drive by a beach. 

“One of these days,” I told myself, “I’m gonna come back.”

But that particular beach is an hour away. 

Sure, I can go back “someday.”


Why not now?

I pulled a U-turn.

Seized the moment.

I took 30 minutes to sit on the sand with my sketchbook, and draw.

Because I was there. And the beach was there. And the moment was there.

Seize it.

2. Spend it mindfully

When you go to your beach — don’t do what I usually do. 

Don’t take All The Pictures to post to social media to prove you’re taking a moment. (Note to self: Counterproductive.)

It’s about just being where you are — between you and that place.

Not between you

and that place

… aaand everyone that you’re going to tell about it later.

For you, your beach might have sand and water. For my husband, his place of reconnection is the mountains.

  • For you it might be your backyard, 
  • or a bath, 
  • or a cup of coffee in a quiet corner — 

kind of wherever you feel connected to the present moment.

When you’re there, 



3. Squash the mundane

Going to the beach in April, for most people, is not on your to-do list.

Even if you go there, you rarely go with any serious goals to accomplish.

Because it’s random.

And it’s absurd.

And that’s kind of the awesomeness of it.

There were a few years I went to the beach on Christmas Eve to make “snowmen” in the sand — because it was absurd.

And that’s part of the joy of it.

Mix it up, and abandon the mundane for a minute.

Those are my three reasons why going to the beach is worth bothering — even, or maybe especially, in April.

Bonus Reason!

Swim into May

Yep, May starts this weekend! (Yipes)

And for the entire month, there’s an Instagram drawing challenge called MerMay — where every drawing has to feature, you guessed it, a mermaid.

(And mermaids like beaches! See how it all ties together?! *pats self on back*)

MERMAY (noun): when people draw a mermaid every.single.day of May, based on the prompt word for that day.

I’ll be participating in MerMay for the first time this year! (follow my new drawings each day on my Instagram and Facebook accounts!)

And like I did for Inktober last year, I’m opening up all the words for ADOPTION.

👇👇👇 Explanation 👇👇👇

You’d adopt a drawing BEFORE it’s drawn — based on the inspiration word only — and then the drawing itself will be a SURPRISE! 

  • If you like mermaids, it’s awesome! 
  • If you know someone else who likes mermaids, as a gift, it’s awesome! 
  • If you don’t have any interest in mermaids at all … you’re still awesome because you’re reading this!

Click here for more information!

👉 P.S. It’s only $15.95! 👈

(You can even pick which character you’d want me to mermaid-ify for whatever word you adopt!)

Skribbles the Cat and Skorchie the Dragon are pretty excited about this, but … Squiggles the Octopus … says she’s already a water-based creature and really doesn’t want to participate 😉 ) 

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