The BIGGEST painting I’ve ever freaking done

Picture the biggest dream you can think of.

And then think bigger.

When I create art, I tend to stick to pretty small canvases. 
(My sketchbook is 5×7 … inches)

This week, I painted something much. bigger.
(The plywood was 6×8 … feet)

For the record, it wasn’t my idea.

… well, I guess it kind of was. You know those murals of wings that people take photos in front of?

[insert google image search here]

I’d offered to draw those kinds of wings on a wall, with chalk, for an event in downtown Fall River, Mass.

But the person I was working with suggested I paint them instead…

Enter a 6×8-foot section of plywood, a tonnn of paint, and lots and lots of time.

It felt overwhelming.

But all it took was one brushstroke at a time.

It was the same process of painting I’ve done a million times before โ€” just … scaled up.

Nothing impossible.

Just effort.

And choosing to not limit myself.

Our dreams seem daunting, if they’re the good kind of dreams.

Our goals seem overwhelming, if they’re the goals that will actually change our lives.

Think bigger.

Think outside the box.

You’re capable of more than you know.

If you’re a dragon fan, find your own Skorchie the Dragon gear HERE.

Anddd if you’re near Fall River, Mass., stop by and take a photo with the wings yourself, check out the map below โ€” I’m told they’ll be up for a while ๐Ÿ™‚
(and please tag meeeee in your photos!!!!)
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