Adulting sucks. (Or does it?)

I have this shirt that I try not to wear when my stepkids are around.

No, there’s nothing “wrong” with the shirt. It’s actually kinda funny, which is why I bought it.

But when I wear it, I feel like I’m a walking complaint.

And it made me realize how MUCH I say things like that — to my stepkids, and my husband, aaand myself.

And the more I say it, the more we believe it.
(That’s the problem.)

Sure, adulting is weird.

And sometimes you feel like hiding from the responsibilities of it all. (I make stickers and T-shirts that say that.)

But constantly declaring how much it flat-out sucks, ain’t gonna make it suck any less.

The things you tell yourself over and over again DO shape your reality.

(*Obviously, positivity can’t solve all problems, but when it’s a matter of perspective, your attitude makes all the difference.)

So what’s on repeat in your head?

“Relationships are so hard.”

“I hate cleaning the house.”

“I don’t have time to exercise.”

“I never get anything done.”

“This sucks.”

“They suck.”

“I suck.”

The more you say them to yourself, the more you believe them.

Stop saying you don’t have time.

Make time, if it’s really something you want.

Stop saying you’re bad at something.

Get better at it, if it’s really something you care about.

Stop saying you hate [insert loathsome responsibility here].

Do your best at it, and then let it go.

And find something positive to focus on instead.

You got this.

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Hi! I’m Em Varosky, and I create art to help people (who struggle with the, um, “joys” of adulting) find motivation and “me-time” in the multitasking

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