Take the stupid photos. A poem (?) in memory of my kitty 💔

One million million heartbreaks

Every second

As the world keeps turning.


Is barely a speck in the desert,

A droplet in the ocean

What right do you have 

To be broken

Because so small a life was snuffed out? 


Your heart is shattered just the same.

Every corner of your home is an echo, 

Layered with shadows of memories from the time you had together.

The Time you thought you’d have more of.

And it wasn’t enough.

It’s never enough.

So take the stupid photos.

Fill up your phone’s storage and

Don’t wait until the mythical “next time.”

Capture the memories.



They’re all you’ll have left.

Our youngest kitty died this week.

He was only 5 or 6.

One minute he was fine.
Then he cried.
Then he was gone.

He was supposed to be here for so many more years.
So many more.
At least he waited till his daddy and I were both home with him. 🥺

Love you, buddy.
We miss you more than any post could say.

I know I’m supposed to be the positive one, the optimistic one, the everything-is-awesome one.

But it isn’t awesome. Not all the time.

And especially not now.
We’re not ok without you 💔

Mommy 💔

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