To the person who drove by my window

A teal Jeep drove by my window.

I don’t know whose teal Jeep it was.

I’ve never seen it before, to my knowledge.

But I’d been having a rough day, and that teal Jeep made me smile.

Not because it was a Jeep, but because it was teal.

That driver could have chosen a gray car.

Or a silver one.

A black or white one.

A navy blue one.

But they didn’t.

They chose teal.

Not many people choose teal.

It’s bright.

It makes a statement.

It doesn’t blend in anywhere.

It stands out with its ridiculous optimism and unique personality.

That person chose teal.

And when they drove by my window, it made me smile.

They’ll never know it. They didn’t even see me.

But they brightened my day all the same.

Thank you, person who didn’t try to blend in.

May I have the courage to be like you.

About the author

Hi! I’m Em Varosky, and I create art to help people (who struggle with the, um, “joys” of adulting) find motivation and “me-time” in the multitasking

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