My online shop is OPEN!

I don’t particularly like home improvement stores. If I have to go to a Lowe’s or Home Depot, I prefer it to be for fun accessory-type things, not large (commitment-heavy) construction-y things. In those stores, though, there’s this one aisle with accessories that I always thought was cool: The one with little signs used by small businesses.  Signs with hours. Exit signs. And the most important one: “Open” signs. I thought it’d be cute being a small business owner, coming in to choose which signs to add to your store. Those are the little bonus things in life. The little bonus things … Continue reading My online shop is OPEN!

Where are you going, exactly?

“Where do you picture yourself in ten years?”

Lately I’ve been ALL ABOUT motivational podcasts and online classes and Facebook groups, and they all ask the same thing: What’s your “why”? What motivates you? What’s your ultimate goal for your life?

And sure, I want to “do more with my art” (whatever that means) and “publish my book.”
But what’s my “why,” my reason?

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