I love what I do (#biased) but don't take my word for it!

Click here to check out the awards I've received for my illustrations and graphic design work, and keep scrolling for some rave reviews from clients and customers:


"My daughter LOVES her purple Skoshie (which she nicknamed Sushi), and Strange wild beings we have read 5 times since we bought it from you this morning! My husband and I checked out your Etsy and I want ALL THE THINGS! So glad we found you ...!"
— Nikki M.


"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! This is my 3rd or 4th order of these beautiful cards Emely created for me ... I am so enamored of this cute cephalopod! Em is FANTASTIC to work with ... I just admired one of her characters and she helped me design just what I wanted in my color palette. Sigh. Love! (Got a double order this time!) Keep it up, Ms. V!"
— Terri W.


"Seriously love! Could tell the owner put a lot of effort into putting my package together!"
— Amanda D. 


"i bought a tumblr from you last summer, with a straw. what wizardry did you perform that it never gets gross when I forget it on the night stand for a few days. most cups develop a "mold" or bio film, even when in constant use. i am simply astounded."
— Mandi M.


"I ADORE the planner I bought from you at Providence Flea at the marketplace and plan to purchase another for next year. I love that it is undated so I COULD start any time during the year. The size is perfect and I love that there are NO LINES in the day or month sections (aside from where you can jot notes). This is my favorite planner ever and I am a "planner" person so I have had EVERY type imaginable!"
—Kate R.