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Plushie: Zeek the Octopus adoption bundle

Plushie: Zeek the Octopus adoption bundle

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Zeek the Octopus is ready for snuggles and adventures! (whichever you’re in the mood for first) ;)

He (and ALL EIGHT of his tentacles!) is handsewn in the United States with super soft fleece, and is ridiculously snuggleable.

When you adopt Zeek, you ALSO get:

  • adoption SEAtificate (see what I did there?) that you can fill out and personalize
  • sticker sheet
  • special note from Zeek to YOU!
  • his do-the-thing-because-you-CAN! attitude ;)



When you buy the Zeek the Octopus Plushie AND the softcover book "Because You Can" TOGETHER (signed by the author), you ALSO get a bonus sheet of stickers too! (not pictured)

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