sketchbook: an excuse to draw at work

I blame my friend Marc for getting me into trouble a lot. And almost always, that trouble involves an extra project at the newspaper we work at. Luckily, said projects tend to fall into the “brilliant and mostly fun” category. This time, though, I did it to myself. I was the one who asked my boss if I could draw editorial cartoons for the paper. Marc, however, has done his part to hold me to that. He writes the editorials, I draw the pictures to go with them. When I got back from the honeymoon, I had it in my … Continue reading sketchbook: an excuse to draw at work

sketchbook: my first *actual* book cover

Dion Trumpin book (2)
I bought the book!

There are some coworkers you collaborate well with.

One such person I know would insist I rephrase that as: “coworkers you collab well with.”

Because he might not actually be a hipster, but by golly he’ll talk like one. (totes ironically, though.)

Enter Marc Munroe Dion, stage left. Or stage right. I’m really not sure which direction he’s gonna come from, most days. But whichever direction or angle he does come from, it usually turns into a fantastic project idea.

He turned up with a fantastic project idea even when I was stuck at home recovering from back surgery a few months ago.

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sketchbook: for zombies’ sake

This whole biting-off-more-than-you-can-chew thing – I’m getting really good at it 🙂 Honestly though, it’s not necessarily bad. I’m getting to explore a lot of different art opportunities. Such as what I got myself into two weeks ago. I went to my editor-in-chief at the newspaper, and asked if she’d be interested in having me draw in-house editorial cartoons. We don’t have a cartoonist. We don’t have an artist or a graphic design staff either, here in the editorial department. Or rather, I’m the artist/graphic design staff. The idea’s been bopping around in my head for a few months now, … Continue reading sketchbook: for zombies’ sake