wedding: brushes, and a then-boyfriend, now-fiance, almost-husband

blg-weirdnessI have a bad habit of buying stuff that I never end up using. Clothes. Gadgets. Rosetta Stone Spanish (I’ll get to that SOMEDAY Jessie! Promise!).

And a set of bamboo ink brushes. I got them sometime during my senior year of college.

That was seven years ago.

All this time, those brushes have sat, still in the packaging, in my art drawer. They moved with me from my parents’ house, to my first apartment, to my boyfriend’s house, to the apartment I now share with that then-boyfriend, now-fiance, almost-husband.

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wedding: do guests notice the little things?

One thing about the wedding that makes me nervous (in addition to the gazillion other things that make me nervous) is that we’ll put all this work into ALL these little details – and nobody will really notice much. Will they? Do guests pay attention to the little things? Food is probably the biggest thing they care about, followed by choice of music. I guess, right? But aside from those things, will anyone actually appreciate the details? Like the centerpieces Geoff puzzle-pieced together even though I (may have) doubted him til I saw the finished product. The quotes I learned … Continue reading wedding: do guests notice the little things?

sketchbook: love & burgers

The theme of the art show was “revelations.” With my wedding kiiiind of in the forefront of my mind these days, it wasn’t too hard to come up with something to fit that. It was for this year’s ART/word show, an exhibit my old college professor Fischer hosts every March, and which he’s invited me to join since I graduated in 2010. It always offers a great chance to try a different approach to my art – AND I get to see Fischer, and some of my other professors (who I’m thrilled still remember me haha). This year, my dad … Continue reading sketchbook: love & burgers