wedding: why we DIY

What the ring bearer will carry our rings in: an actual “The Hobbit” book.

When we got engaged, I mocked the general cost of a wedding.
Who’s stupid enough to spend so much on a single day? I said.

…A few months later…
*raises hand*


That frustrates me to nooooo end. (Ask anyone who talked to a very tearful me yesterday.) BUT. I’m trying to remember something. The best parts of this whole shindig, have absolutely nothing to do with the dollars, so the dollars aren’t worth stressing over.

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sketchbook: maybe i’ll be a ghost. or maybe not.

I swear this post has an art-related angle. Or at least, I’m gonna pretend it does 😉 I had grandiose plans last week. In addition to Hannah’s True North logo, I’d applied for a Craigslist gig to be a children’s book ghost illustrator. By Tuesday (…tomorrow…), I have to generate two illustrations in a particular style to get to the next step of the application. And my very forward-thinking “plan” had been to finish the first on Saturday night, and do the majority of the second on Sunday. Because my only other plans for Saturday was to meet up with … Continue reading sketchbook: maybe i’ll be a ghost. or maybe not.

wedding: do guests notice the little things?

One thing about the wedding that makes me nervous (in addition to the gazillion other things that make me nervous) is that we’ll put all this work into ALL these little details – and nobody will really notice much. Will they? Do guests pay attention to the little things? Food is probably the biggest thing they care about, followed by choice of music. I guess, right? But aside from those things, will anyone actually appreciate the details? Like the centerpieces Geoff puzzle-pieced together even though I (may have) doubted him til I saw the finished product. The quotes I learned … Continue reading wedding: do guests notice the little things?