Got a cat or dog? Octopus, axolotl, or maybe an emu?
(I haven’t drawn an emu yet, and I’d love an excuse to try!)
(… Oddly enough, I have drawn an axolotl)
Whatever your favorite critter, you can get a painting that reflects their unique personality, to remind you how much joy they bring to your life (except maybe when they’re chewing your shoes or getting fur all over your black shirt).

I’m super flexible and can accommodate most requests. Commissions start as low as $40 (see below!). Shoot me a message, I’d love to work with you!

P.S. I promise the painted ones will never chew your shoes or get fur all over your black shirt.

4×4 inches | starts at $40

If you’re looking for something cute and pocket-sized, this is the way to go. Tiny size, black ink, perfect for one or two pets/characters.

8×10 inches | starts at $100

My most popular style! You tell me a bit about your pet — personality quirks, favorite toy, or even what they’re named after (pictured is a pet family named after Lord of the Rings characters!) — and I take it from there.

size varies | starts at $115

Who knew watercolor looked awesome on pine? The wood grain peeks through as the pigment soaks in.

size varies | starts at $125

I have some amaaazing wood pieces from a local (Massachusetts) salvage shop. The simplicity of black ink and white-pencil highlights lets its beautiful character be the focus.